Sound Seal has been a leader in the field of acoustics for 30 years, our products have been installed worldwide in helping solve noise problems.


Sound Seal is a leading manufacturer of commercial and architectural acoustic noise control products and offers a wide product selection to the soundproofing industry.


Sound Seal Industrial Division HVAC Products consist of: B-10 Lag | B-10 Lag /QFA-3 | B-10-Lag/QFA-9 | B-20 Lag | B-20 Lag/QFA-3 | B-20 Lag/QFA-9A | BBC Acoustical Composite Wrap


Sound Seal's Industrial Division HVAC duct lagging product line is designed to offer significant reduction of radiated noise from HVAC duct casings. The lagging can be applied to rectangular or round duct and pipe systems. Sound Seal HVAC duct lagging products consist of a mass loaded vinyl noise barrier with a scrim reinforced aluminum foil facing on one side that can be combined with an optional quilted fiberglass decoupler for additional performance. Sound Seal's HVAC duct lagging systems are available with two different barrier weights and two different quilted fiberglass decoupler thicknesses for an efficient and effective variety of performances.


Barriers are available with 1 lb/sq ft and 2 lb/sq ft weights and decouplers are available with 1" and 2" thicknesses. The foil facing offers excellent corrosion resistance, high strength, excellent conformability and readily accepts a matching lag tape for quick and easy installation. The quilted decoupler provides additional thermal insulation performance as well. When installed as a single composite material that combines a foil protective jacket, noise barrier, quilted decoupler and additional thermal insulation, Sound Seal's HVAC duct lagging offer substantially lower installation costs compared to the repetitive installation of multiple separate insulation systems.


Sound Seal's HVAC duct lagging systems are commonly used to treat: iron, steel, and plastic pipe, round and rectangular sheet metal ducts, VAV units, heat exchangers, fans and mechanical rooms..